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Agile Realignment


Rapid realignment ensures that your organisation has the strategic capabilities and ability to function as effectively as possible at any given time. Being flexible and robust allows you to deliver high impact and positive benefit to your organisation in the immediate, medium and long term. All realignment interventions are consistent with the strategic thinking and your key environmental driving influences.


The process creates a core managerial think tank to fully explore, clarify and define the key perspectives in the organisation. Improvements will be scrutinised, prioritised and implemented in harmony with how the organisation is currently performing.


The framework identifies the current capabilities at any given time and highlights areas where new capabilities are required. This is the start of the on-going performance improvement and realignment process for flexible organisational design.


Implementation and training assessments are carried out. Specific tactical handpicked teams of diverse stakeholders (Called T-Groups) are created from within your organisation to implement the specific change initiatives with our expert guidance. Training is disseminated and developed through the entire on-going process.  


The subsequent follow-up workshops are tailored to the unique demands and aspirations of the organisation. They are dedicated to creating and implementing the future strategy and mechanics for success. The result of this is a continual evolution of core capabilities delivered in an effective, efficient, adaptable and flexible way.  Each deliverable is monitored through to task completion.

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‘The methodology enabled you to handle a difficult situation very professionally and the results achieved are thanks to your structured approach to problem solving. I look forward to developing the project with the team we have in place, and producing an exciting and profitable business.’



Oliver Harman, CFO Ozone UK

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