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Stakeholder Facilitation


The power of managed conflict


Much of our approach is team based. Effective management of business change requires individuals and diverse groups of people to understand each other to a point where they do not disagree. Conflict is overcome by understanding the conflicts of perspectives and conflicts of interests that can arise. Get this wrong and the team will fail.


We use a group facilitation approach that consistently takes small amounts of your organisations time to continually and proactively find opportunities for performance improvement and evolve the way it operates. This allows us to guide the changes so that they are in alignment with core strategy.  This allows your organisation to achieve your future business aspirations whilst taking your people with you.


Our facilitation process creates an environment of mutual respect. People are encouraged to voice their experiences, perspectives, opinions, concerns and solutions with clarity, passion and honesty without repercussions and infighting. This collective voice (or group intelligence) is harnessed to create breakthrough thinking. This in turn creates the momentum and insight to challenge the way we see the future.  It also provides an insightful way of solving the challenges we face today and creating operational synergy. We call this a learning organisation.


Balanced teams


We educate and train the people in your organisation in all aspects of our methodology and approach. Your managers and your people become the champions for proactive. This in turn inspires greater job enrichment, role responsibility as well as proactively challenging mental models and organisational culture. Over time your organisation develops into a ‘can do’ working environment that looks for opportunities to improve the organisation. This removes barriers and resistance- making any strategic changes to your business proactive, smooth and highly effective.


At the end facilitation sessions there are scheduled follow up workshops that are designed to define and identify the best course of action. The follow up sessions produce strong and measured plans for implementing change solutions and assigns the correct individuals and teams specifically to each task. We call these ‘T Groups’. The T groups are facilitated, guided and managed by us as part of the process to ensure solutions are effectively managed to their successful conclusion.

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"Using their structured facilitation method was a real bonus for our group. Many of the team had been involved with failed approaches from other consultants before and were weary of the event and initially did not want to engage in a fully productive way. However, almost immediately, the methods of engagement took over and the end result was a real breakthrough on key issues that had been holding us up.  With a limited timeframe, they facilitated outcomes that had been a thorn in the side of the group as well as breaking down the barriers that had formed in our team.


I would recommend this approach to any manager facing those difficult problems that are tricky to mind an answer to."


Emma Rowe- RBS Private Banking Team Manager