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Strategic Decision Making


Our Strategic decision-making approach relies on:


1) Intuition and expertise are the backbone of any organisation

2) An organisation needs to recognise expertise, store it and be able to retrieve it.


We identify the toughest decisions a business has to make, and then build a methodology which blends the current use of expertise in problem solving with the business’s technology, information and analysis. This is a superior approach because it is based on how human beings actually make decisions based on our biology and how this is biological process applies to a specific organisation. The use of information is then adapted to support this natural process rather than the other way around; this greatly increases both performance and adherence\ use of new technologies and information. Our service outcomes include-


-Identifying how expertise is used within an organisation

-How intuition can be developed to make better, faster and more innovative decisions

-How to use technology to enhance intuition, making faster and improved searches/ analysis

-How to vastly improve the management of uncertainty, risk and create adaptable strategies using a combination of technology and intuition

-Maximise the use of your current data before investment in further technology

-How to lever open data to enhance expertise and decision making

-Turn new staff into experts faster

-Retain crucial knowledge when your best staff leave


We use 3 stages to assess expertise and the decision making environment-


We identify the toughest decisions an organisation makes and the errors which are most common using a form of cognitive task analysis


We identify cases where expertise was used to manage positive outcomes and identify the tacit skills used to produce the positive outcomes using a form of cognitive task analysis


We identify how data can be used to improve the decision making process by building a disconfirmation methodology


This planning will increase the ability of your organisation to adapt, survive and take advantage of the harshest climates and toughest challenges.


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Empty road


We chose to do a team building and problem solving boot camp with the Re:organisation because we were having a few issues that we couldn’t work what to do with and were a little bit lost as to what  our next steps should be.


We couldn't believe how successful it would be for us. It has solved a lot of communication and internal team roles were having so quickly. The group process that was provided for us gave understanding and togetherness across the whole business.  It also woke us up from our workaday habits and allowed us to focus on some of the things that really matter to us.


As a result this really helped us get our long term planning into good shape- looking into a lot of areas that if left unchecked could have caused us a lot of problems later. Now it is us that are creating problems for the competition!

We are a boutique business and working together as a team is really important. Having this kind of approach just worked so well for us. It made a huge difference to us and was great fun too!


Gillian Cole- Owner of 'The Big Idea'


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