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We want to challenge the traditional view of what can be achieved for business owners and managers who aspire to have organisations that perform at an exceptional level.


We are a group of hands on and highly experienced business professionals and leading academics. Our experience lies in the fields of facilitation, organisational development, management of business change, performance improvements, strategy, organisational design, project management and business development. We constantly innovate and develop high impact methods and approaches solve the big problems that organisations face.


Our team have extensive combined experience in collaborating with business owners, managers and other key stakeholders in helping them to achieve their business aspirations. This combined experience has been gained over years of successful work with multi- nationals, public sector organisations SME's and smaller niche business operations from all parts of the globe.


Our client firms are always the boss of the process. We are the catalyst to help them achieve the aspiration they have for their organisation.



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‘The approach to strategic change, founded on a deep understanding of the developmental maturity of our organisation, gave us clear insight into the difference between normal and abnormal problems, and this in turn helped to guide the order in which initiatives were tackled.’


Brian Marshall, Managing Director, Thales Defence Information Systems,UK.